Digging bucket

A decent bucket should take into account its intended use and the prevailing work environment. In the construction element, which is a digging bucket, the quality of the steel used is of key importance in terms of strength, efficiency and economics of production. All digging buckets for machines weighing from 2 to 45 tons in places exposed to abrasion are made exclusively of Hardox steel, dedicated to aggressive working environments.

When choosing a bucket, the type of adapter and quickcoupler is also important, so that the bucket fits a particular excavator. The advantage of our company is that it manufactures adapters and quickcouplers, both mechanical and hydraulic, for all bucket models.

We offer many models of digging buckets. Their construction and materials used for their construction depend on the working environment in which the equipment is to handle. Here you will find, among others, clay spoons, rock spoons, spoons with hydraulic filling, etc.

Standard option:
• Back-wall and sidewalls made of S355J2+N
• Front blade made of HARDOX500
• Twisted teeth for mini-excabators JCB type (for bigger machine welded teeth CAT type)
• Side blades made of S355J2+N
• 12-month warranty

Available montage system:

on pins, Lehnhoff, Verachtert, Miller, Martin
Extra options:

• Back-wall and sidewalls made of Hardox
• Side blades made of HARDOX
• Any bucket color


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