Our History

Chances are big you are familiar with the name TokFrez as it is one of the leaders in the Polish market of equipment and attachments for excavators. We owe our status to ten years of delivering innovative projects, our approach to clients and staff, our creative branding vision and, above all, unrestrained passion of the founder of TokFrez. What do you think of when you hear the name TokFrez? Most people will say: excavator buckets!

Everything began in 2004, with Dariusz Zduleczny founding TokFrez. Driven by his ambition and passion, he established a business committed not only to repairing excavators, but also designing and delivering relevant equipment and attachments.

Our growth was contingent on having a new production hall. This way, we could make another step in enlarging the range of our services and boosting output capacity. TokFrez continues to expand its machinery stock with the most advanced, precise and efficient machines and devices available. This improves the quality of our products and services.

To limit ourselves solely to bucket making would be far from discovering new horizons... In 2011, TokFrez stepped up its market presence by producing its first excavator arm extensions and LONG REACH arms. TokFrez is one of the leading makers of this equipment in Poland. The wide range of our services will satisfy most of your excavator needs, no matter if you are an industry potentate or just an owner of a tiny digger who needs a simple attachment. As the sector of construction machinery grows and ever new buckets, arms and booms are made, we keep on delivering the best products tailored to your needs. That is also why we came up with a wide array of buckets, arms and arm extensions. TokFrez approaches each customer and order on an individual basis, suiting its products and services to customers' needs.

Where are we today? TokFrez is experiencing an impressive growth while delivering state-of-the-art bucket and equipment solutions. However, we are increasingly focused on the more subtle details, which has been recognised by hundreds of our customers around Europe. TokFrez is primarily a trusted and highly recognisable brand, but also a long story of transformations and technological development. Then why not take advantage of the benefits it offers?


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