Welding positioners

Advantages and benefits

For the employer:

  •  increasing work efficiency by up to 40% through optimal positioning of objects - thanks to this, a short time
    of device depreciation has been obtained
  •  increase in production efficiency does not require additional space on the production hall
  •  better quality of welded joints - always possible welding in a down position
  •  solid construction of the device ensures long-term, trouble-free operation

For the operator:

  • ensuring an ergonomic posture for the worker
  • minimizing the risk of accidents - no changes in the attachment of the items
  • no breaks in work due to waiting for the crane
  • easy assembly and service

Useful in positioning elements in:

  •  welding, cleaning, assembly

Increase work efficiency by up to 40%

Welding positioners for manual welding are intended mainly for positioning bulky and heavy elements intended for welding in order to achieve optimal working conditions and increase safety, efficiency, quality and ergonomics for employees.
The positioners we manufacture are designed to lift items weighing from 500 to 6000 kg or based on individual customer requirements.

Positioning is possible in two or three independent axes (depending on the model).

  • The use of unrestricted rotation in two axes and further vertical movement to flexibl setting the attached
  • P3-axis positioner provides a considerable improvement in productivity compared to conventional rotary-tilt
    positioners (optimal positioning of the object, easy operation).


Welding positioners Welding positioners Welding positioners

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